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Strange Worlds of When! Series 4 – 11 x 17 Print, Set of 6

Strange Worlds of When! Series 4 – 11 x 17 Print, Set of 6

The entire fourth series of Strange Worlds of When! Featuring...

In desperate need of a new bookcase, ten-speed bike, mop and bucket, baseball glove, fishing pole, tackle box, jigsaw puzzle, duct tape, dish soap, paper towels, car tires, floor mats, clock radio, and coffee machine, our brave adventurers hope they have found just the right place.

Temple of Music
As the rover came over the hill and approached the temple, strong gusts whistled through the grand columns and sounded like music on the wind.

Stadium Theater
A theater buried in a cliff face is discovered far to the north. A friendly robot guide invites the crew inside for a tour.

Big Blue Bug
The archaeolobots continue the excavation at the site of the big blue bug discovery. Did this sculpture pay tribute to a deity or was it raised by the previous inhabitants as a warning to would-be invaders?

Rocky Point
A giant arch is spotted beyond an old chairlift in an otherwise barren landscape. Surely this marker once stood as a centerpiece to a site of amusement or in some celebration of knowledge and discovery.

The Milk Can
Mystery surrounds not only the design of the peculiar bottle-shape building, but also the strong craving for ice cream after the encounter. Further studies--and more ice cream--have already been ordered.

11 in. x 17 in. Print on 100 lb Classic Crest