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Strange Worlds of When! Series 3 – 4 x 6 Framed, Set of 4

Strange Worlds of When! Series 3 – 4 x 6 Framed, Set of 4

The entire third series of Strange Worlds of When! All four 4 x 6 postcards framed and ready to display! Featuring...

Strange Worlds of When… Apex!
Surrounded on all sides, our hero dashes towards an ancient pyramid. Will it provide refuge or unleash new threats? If he can make it in time, it’s a chance he’ll have to take!

Strange Worlds of When… Prospect Terrace!
On a hill to the east stood a towering stone statue of a man, hand raised at the waist, gazing over the ancient city half-buried in the sandy plain.

Strange Worlds of When… Biltmore!
With his own spacecraft damaged during landing, our explorer locates another ship near a massive L-shaped fortress, topped with glowing letters reading BILTMORE. Can he slip past the patrolling creatures and escape?

Strange Worlds of When… The Towers!
South of the original expedition site, our explorers discovered more strange lifeforms living among the ruins of a bygone casino. What are the odds they could sneak in undetected for a closer look?